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'AutoBiography of JayJay the Cat'

* * * JayJay passed away on January 27th, 2005, 6:20am, at the age of 28 years. * * * He will be missed!

Hi! I'm JAYJAY THE CAT! I don't remember my Mom and Dad or Brothers and Sisters. They lived in the rolling green hills of Central Massachusetts on the outskirts of Leominster. White's Farm was their home. It was a Dairy Farm and had many cows. It was late summer when I was born. I was a cute kitten with buff colored fur, with some white patches, light rings on my tail and double paws. I don't remember much of my early life there, but must have enjoyed the comfortable barn, sleeping in the hay, playing with the 'clowder of cats', chasing mice, drinking milk and just having fun. There was a whole 'herd' of cats living there, probably fifty or more. I remember the little road that passed by the barn and later thought that I may have seen my future master riding by on his way to work.

After a few months I became ADVENTURESOME and decided to find a better home and an easier more comfortable life. I explored around the farm then ventured downhill through an apple orchard, woods and ponds and arrived in a 'humans' housing area. The weather was now turning cold and my coat of fur was just keeping me from freezing. My paws and ears were getting cold also. There was no turning back now. Then some children found me in the backyard of their Dale Avenue home and offered me food, milk and shelter, and their shed to spend the nights in. It was still cold but I was out of the elements and was not so scared now of being all alone. As the weather turned well below freezing they took me into their home. It was nice and warm and comfortable. It was so nice to sleep on the soft carpets and furniture and have plenty to eat and drink. There was already a cat named Heiniken living there. Orange and white and a bit older than I. I was worried that this would only be temporary for me and I would soon be back out in the cold, and now, the snow. Then, one of the children, Debbie, adopted me as her own. I was named 'Jack Daniels' changed to 'J D' then shortened to 'Jay' but guess I never answered on the first call so am now called 'JayJay'. Now I knew I had a fine home to stay in the rest of my life. One day I was whisked off to the Vet's and became very frightened. This was a new experience. I later learned that I could not ever become a father.

As TIME WENT ON I trained my 'masters' well. They waited on me and gave me almost everything I wanted. I managed to get a lot of sleep also. Then one day we had a new arrival. A young, all white male cat with blue eyes. This was Kelley's cat and she could not keep him in her new apartment. Now there were three of us. Oh, did I mention the dog? Brandy was his name and we got along pretty well together. He was Mark's pet, but he was never there to take care of him. We got along fine, although, Heiniken and Snowball did not get along well together and often started fighting. We were all indoor cats now. Not allowed to go out and we all shared the same litter-box, food and water dishes. I grew up with Kelley's children. There was 'little' Kelley who used me as a pillow. I have also been very friendly, over the years, with her other four children as well. Life was wonderful.

cat sitting
Then! In 1993, my masters decided to MOVE FROM MASSACHUSETTS TO ARIZONA. They also decided that us cats and dog would not be moving with them. What were we to do? A home was found for Snowball with a nice family with children. Seemed that no one wanted us 'older' cats. Debbie finally decided she would take me, but not until her new home was built. Poor Heiniken still had no place to go. At the very last minute the two of us, and Brandy, were living with Mark in his apartment. It was a bit crowded and Heiniken decided to find a home of his own one day and left me all alone. We heard later that he had found a family in the neighborhood to live with. I was again lonely and Mark was seldom home with us. I withdrew into myself, became frightened, and hid most of the day. I was not a happy cat! Then, one day, I finally moved into Debbies new home. It was a beautiful home. But Debbie soon learned that she was allergic to me. My new home was now in their basement. It was warm in the winter and had nice patio doors to let in the sunshine, but again I became very lonely.

Then came the day I heard that Debbie was going to visit MY OLD MASTERS IN ARIZONA. Maybe she would take me along with her? Guess there was not much chance of that? I had heard that Arizona was a great place to retire, nice and sunny and dry. I often dreamed of moving there. Then one of the happiest moments in my life occurred as I was told I would be moving to Arizona. Again I was taken to the Vet's and given a clean bill of health and OK'd for the trip. What a wonderful day that was. I was now about 17 years old and ready for my retirement. On the day of the flight, yes on a real airplane, I was placed into a large pet carrier and driven to the airport in Providence, RI. This was the longest trip I had ever made by car, but it would be a much longer day. Debbie was traveling on Southwest Airline and they did not take pets. I was to travel on US Air and I left an hour before Debbie. She had paid $129 for my ticket and I expected to fly up in the cockpit with the pilot, or at least first class. To my surprise, I was placed in the cargo hold with some other animals. It was a long and lonely flight. Debbie had made arrangements for my old masters to pick me up in Phoenix because she was worried about me being alone at the airport for that extra hour. Upon leaving the plane, I was brought to a small room next to the carousels. Employees took their breaks there and we talked and played while I waited. Finally, I was approached by old familiar faces. It was my masters, Maureen and Jim. I was so very very happy to see them. They brought me to the car and we then headed for a different terminal to meet Debbie, Keith, Mark, Jody & Kali. Then we all set off for the long ride to Sierra Vista, about 3 hours away. I talked most of the way and was eager to get out of the pet carrier. Finally, let out at my new home, I began to explore. How wonderful it was. Nice soft carpets and furniture and my own litter box. I had a family to live with again, and a nice home. I was so very, very happy.

I SETTLED IN nicely and eventually, after much teasing, was allowed to go outside on my own, wearing a harness attached to a long clothesline, where I could explore the whole yard. I was able to 'munch' on the grass, when I could find it, watch the birds and insects, and just relax, sleep, and maintain my tan, in the hot Arizona sunshine.

My RETIREMENT HAS BEEN GREAT. I get most of what I want with plenty to eat and lots of sleep, and a clean litterbox. (I Meow loudly when I use it so it gets cleaned out each time.) Occasionally I am visited by the grandchildren who love me very much. Zack, the youngest, likes me a lot and loves to 'try' and play with me.

I have had a few EXPERIENCES while living in Arizona. First was just after I arrived. It was about 2:00 am with everyone asleep. I was visited by a white cat outside the bedroom patio doors. Not thinking clearly at the time, I ran for the door and went right through the screen! Had a 'misunderstanding' with the cat and ended up with white fur all over the ground. I must have done good for an 'old timer'. My masters did not appreciate being awakened at this early hour!

Another time I sat in the hallway where my masters could see me from the kitchen and I could watch the door leading to the garage. I was observing a small snake that had entered by crawling under the door. I was keeping a good eye on it and trying to tell my masters but they did not understand. Finally, Maureen came down to the door and let out with some yells to Jim. Seems she is very afraid of snakes. Well, the snake was just a Garter Snake and fortunately not a rattler. Jim had to get rid of the snake and all returned to normal.

One day I was exploring around the back yard and discovered a cactus. Actually it was a Cholla and called a jumping cactus. While looking closely at it, I was stuck by the thorns. I panicked and tried to run away but as I ran around it the leash got shorter and pulled me into it. My masters seen me and came immediately to my rescue. I had many pieces of cactus stuck to my skin. They were pulled out one at a time and I did not even make a sound. How brave I was! I now stay away from that area of the garden.

I must say that my RETIREMENT IN ARIZONA HAS BEEN WONDERFUL. It has been very peaceful. I try very hard to get my 23 hours of sleep each day. One of my duties is to wake my master Jim up around 3 or 4 in the morning. This is also 'time' for me to get my 'breakfast'. Lately though they do not seem to appreciate this. Maybe I am starting my Meowing too early? Well I will just keep doing it as I do not want them to be late for work. My favourite food is Tuna. Not that awful cat stuff, but the real thing. I love the water (juice) that is in the can with it. I usually have the tuna with 'juice', on the side, at least two times a day. I also have my own Lazy Boy Recliner. It was Jim's once, but now he has dragged out an older one for himself. But I get to choose which one I want! Is'nt he nice! Oh, it get's so hot and dry here in Arizona that I must always have 2 ice cubes in my water bowls. I am also supplied with 'cat pads' to sleep on. They are nice and warm and get rid of my dander. At night I sleep next to Jim & Maureen and have to have my HALF of the bed. Of course the TV must be on so I can watch Animal Planet. (They bought a new TV and I cannot have it on any more...have a night light instead?). Oh, I just found out how nice Vanilla Ice Cream tastes. Now I want to have it every night...only a spoonful though. Jim & Maureen will be leaving for a trip to Massachusetts. They bought me a self-cleaning litterbox. Now they are back and I love to go into it and then jump in the old one to do my business. Then I can watch the new one clean itself. It drives them crazy when I do this. 'Ain't Life Great When Your A Cat!!!'

Well we recently seen 2005 come in. Just another year! It is now January 27th. I have not been feeling to good lately. Stopped jumping on the bed when Jim went to bed as my legs just can't do it anymore. Miss getting petted by him before going to sleep. Haven't felt like eating much either. Jim and Maureen keep giving me food to eat but I don't eat it. Even give me Macaroni and Cheese, which I do like very much, as well as a little mashed potatoes. Have only been trying to sleep on the bedroom floor and even the cat pads don't seem to help. I had a little Vanilla Ice Cream and Jim held the dish so I could get all of it. It is now about time for them to wake up and I am just trying to hold off so I can say goodby. It has been a wonderful life for me. Time to join all my friends in Cat Heaven where I can play and have fun like I did many years ago. They have just woken up and are coming to see how I am doing. I must be Brave! Bye now! JayJay the Cat.

jayjay final resting place
JayJay's Ashes...Final resting place.

*Written, 'of course', by JayJay

September 2002...JayJay lives with Maureen & Jim Tansey in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

JayJay can be emailed at:

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Surprise, It's Me! (I've been sleeping in Maureens Antique Pram!)

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